Kunz Addition : Part 1

Framing going up on the Kunz Addition by J&J Construction







Framing going up on this 1200 square foot master suite and bathroom addition.

Michael and Maxine Kunz fell in love with their 1960’s Spanish Revival home from the moment they laid eyes on it. With the open floor plan and copious amount of natural light, they knew this was going to be their family’s forever home. But how were they going to make this unique 4-bedroom home work for their growing family of 5? That is when a conversation with her mother led Maxine to make the call that would help solve all their problems.

Before Photo of the Kunz home addition project by J&J Construction of Illinois






Before photo of the house.

Michael and Maxine reached out to Joe, owner of J&J Construction, back in June of 2018 after a conversation with Maxine’s mother, Martha. Martha had done several projects with J&J in the past and gave Michael and Maxine the push they needed to make the call.


Decisions, Decisions

After their initial phone call, Joe came out to see the space. There he quickly got a feel for what they wanted. They discussed a variety of options for making the home contour to their lifestyle. Only after discussing the importance of having enough space for family and friends to stay, did they realize an additional bedroom was the key to making this project a success.  After going over a few different design options they landed on this beautiful 1,200 square foot addition. The addition includes a master suite, master bathroom, laundry room, and walk-in closet for the couple.  










Architectural plans for the 1200 square foot addition. Blueprint courtesy of JB Architecture.


Design Time

“Preserving the home’s unique character was very important to us,” Maxine detailed when discussing the nearly 1200 square foot addition to their Spanish inspired home. They loved the bright, open concept, the spiral staircases, and wrought iron detailing throughout the home. “It was a big part of why we purchased the home in the first place,” stated the couple “and we just wanted to make sure we stayed true to it.”

Kunz Front Room - J&J Construction of Illinois










View from the front sitting room and entry wall at the home. Courtesy of Realtor.com


When asked about the process, Joe said, “It felt good to use my engineering degree again. This project has really brought me back to why I started this company over 25 years ago.”

3D Rendering of master bathroom - kunz addition by J&J Construction of Illinois







3-D rendering of the new master bathroom. Complete with ample storage and a makeup area which was an important feature for the couple.


Moving Day

After 5 months of design work, this engineering marvel was ready for construction. Which meant this family of 5 was moving out. Recalling her concern leading up to moving day, Maxine shared that, “Joe kept joking that the kids were going to love it. He kept reassuring me they would think of it as a vacation and everyone would be fine. And sure enough, they did. They love it and that is one of the best things about Joe. He is transparent and has a great sense of humor. He is great at putting my mind at ease.”

Kunz Family dad mom two boys and a girl getting ready for their remodel by J&J Construction of Illinois











The family getting ready for the big day!

The move was not taken lightly by the team at J&J Construction though. “The goal for the construction phase is to complete it in less than 4 months,” Joe mentioned when discussing the family’s displacement. “We didn’t want the family out of their home any longer than necessary. That is why we took so long in the planning stages. We used our trademarked S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Process to ensure the construction phase will be completed without a hitch. That is one of the things that sets us apart from other companies. We don’t cut corners, we don’t skip steps, and we don’t promise things we can’t deliver. The only way this is possible is because of the incredible amount of planning that took place before the 1st shingle was removed. The Kunz family will be enjoying their additional 1200 square feet in no time.”

Stay tuned to see the progress!

And remember no matter the project, J&J Construction’s experienced Design-Build team will guide your dreams to reality, every step of the way. From the first conversation to the final walk through, rest assured your remodel will be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.


Happy remodeling!
Joe and the Team at J&J Construction