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Almost every home in America has at least one hall/guest bathroom. They are approximately 5′ x 9′, has a tub/shower on one end, a vanity on the other end, and a toilet in between.

We can give you A Complete Bathroom Remodel…$7,000 Cheaper Than The Industry Average. Using Only Superior Products. Done Within 7 Days.

How DO We Do It? We’ve Perfected Our Installation Techniques. Built Facilities Dedicated Solely To Training Our Craftsmen On How To Install Bathrooms…The J&J Way. And NEVER Cut Corners, Sacrifice Quality, Or Install Inferior Products.

Let’s talk cost and time of an AVERAGE bath remodel. In the Chicagoland area, an average bath remodel (we’re talking a complete makeover including a new tub/shower, new faucets, new valves, a new toilet, vanity, vanity top, vanity faucet, wall tiles, tile floor, electrical outlets, exhaust fan, trim, cement board, and drywall) runs almost $21,000 and takes about two-and-a-half weeks to complete.

That’s a fair price and a fair amount of time… BUT WE CAN BEAT BOTH. We will remake your bathroom into a beauty, using only the finest quality products (including Kohler fixtures) all for only $13,999. And we can gut and remodel in JUST 7 DAYS.

Start Your 7 Day Bathroom and Save 7 Grand Here!

Okay, you’ve probably seen offers like this before, and you’re right to be wary. Contractors cut corners and quality to offer unbelievable deals. But we’re the ONLY company that guarantees a quick job and superior quality.
We’re glad you’re a discerning customer, so we’re going to tell you exactly how we can offer such a quick, inexpensive, quality bathroom makeover—and actually deliver.

  • Perfected Installation Process
    Our trademarked S.U.C.C.E.S.S. program eliminates the stress and worry out of your bathroom remodel. We’ve spent 20+ years developing and refining this trademarked system to consistently produce the high quality results demanded by our clients.
  • Training Facilities No other company in the Chicago area has training facilities dedicated to bathroom remodels. All of our craftsmen go through this training program, so they can deliver a superior bathroom remodel at blazing speeds.
  • Certified, Elite Craftsmen We only use elite craftsmen that have been background-checked, drug-tested, and certified. They are meticulous, exacting perfectionists, and don’t consider 99.999% satisfied acceptable.
    At J&J Construction, we do not deal in AVERAGE—we beat it. We never cut corners, we use only the best quality products, and we pride ourselves in delivering a stress-free experience to our customers. We are steps above the rest when it comes to working in your home.

Look, our competitors think my bathroom remodeling is some sort of secret. They think we’ve rubbed a magic lamp to make quick, inexpensive, high-quality bathroom remodels possible. But in actuality, our “secret” is that we’re just a better remodeling company… period.

From hall bathrooms to master suites, we can provide incomparable workmanship, superior materials, a quick job, and the lowest price in the industry. No games. No gimmicks. No fine print.
Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.